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Abul Fida Islamic Research Centre (AFIRC) or Idarah Quran Fahmi is a non-political Islamic centre works to propagate Islamic teachings with love, peace and knowledge adding the teachings of Sufism. The organization has research, education, translation, publication and preaching and guidance departments.

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AFIRC provides the shelter to the youngsters specially the students of schools, colleges and universities and train those who give Tajweed, Sab’ & ‘Asharah, Qirat & Imamat exams of Jamia Nizamia for private students.

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What We Do

Quran Lessons

Recitation Tajweed and Tahfeez ul Quran courses. This is a golden opportunity to make your ward Hafiz-e- Quran (with tajweed) and get the benefits of this dunya and aakhira.


Lectures are delivered frequently to enable the attendees to grasp important concepts in Islam.


Tasawwuf commonly known as spirituality is the tarbiyyah of the soul under the guidance of a shaikh.

Children Programs

Summer camp for school & college students.
Yearly Gold Medal Hifz, Naat, Qirat Competition
Girls Islamic School at Bait ul-Barkat, Shakar Gunj, at 5.00 pm
Dars-e-Quran & Training classes for ladies and girls on every first Sunday of Georgian Calendar at 3.00 pm

Islamic Events

12 days Jashn-e-Milad un-Nabi ﷺ
10 days program in the month of Muharram
Last 10 days training classes in the Ramadan for Mu’takifeen
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Islamic Apps

Dalailul khairat app was launched in mid of 2016 and ever since being updated. It has a very high usage among the readers from sub-continent and Indonesia.

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